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Random Thoughts For Dysentery Friday May 25, 2007

...and the big loser was…Sloptart!

Turns out Cholera killed him/her. But it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a couple of casualties that followed.

Amonte! Drowned!

First – The British Museum of History has an interactive website detailing the greatest civilization of all time.

Second – asks what is the song of the Summer for 2007 and gets hundreds of frustratingly stupid hipster answers.

Third – What’s worse Deep Fried Mars Bars or Pepsi Ice Cucumber Soft Drink. I’m just throwing that out there?

Fourth – R.Kelly vs. Broken Social Scene’s 7/8 Shoreline. As a precautionary measure Elementary schools across North America suddenly add BSS’s 7/8 Shoreline to the list of blacklisted songs …

Sidenote The Hives rock out with Timbaland care of Stereogum.

Fifth – This weekend a couple of GooTube superstars are heading to Cincinnati (home of the BearCats) to launch the largest number of Metos-Diet Coke Geysers.

Fifth – Robert Rodriguez is helming a remake of Barbarella. Thus allowing thousands of emo-kids to finally understand where their parent’s favorite 80’s band got their stupid name from.

Personal sidenote: White Lines is still one of the greatest songs of the 80’s.

Sixth – Sorry for the strong mash-up tint on this week’s Randoms, but damn this remix is intense. I feel like running around with my collar popped up and giving people the double guns. (via. The excellent palmsout site)

Seventh – Bonafide Bachelor Chow

Eight – Alright, Since this week’s Random is already chalk full of remixes, I might as well promote The Hood Internet and their tracks. Check out their Battles and Clipse remixes. Then once you’re done that laugh at their ridiculous photoshop talents.

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