Score[64] Monday May 21, 2007

I’m not much of a May Long Weekend person anymore.

I was never interested in those brutal bush parties in the Rockies and I’ve done my tour of duty house boating with the chauchies on the Shuswap Lakes. For me nothing beats a desolated city and a super chill weekend. I guess I just like the peace and quiet, plus it always snows May Long.

Anyways, the May Long weekend is always a decent our staff’s on vacation, we need something really easy to play time for television networks. This weekend The Score decided to crown the single greatest highlight via their Score[64] promotion.

The top 64 highlights of all time are set-up in a March Madness like bracket and then pitted against each other until one highlight is chosen as king. The final bracket was set on Saturday and it’s Vince Carter’s Le Dunk of Death vs. Roberto Carlos’ Improbable goal.

Now jumping over any man is sick. Jumping over a seven-foot power forward is ridiculous. Leveling a one-handed dunk over a seven foot man … well that’s just mental… But in my eyes it still holds nothing against Roberto Carlos’ Improbable Goal.

If you’ve had a chance to watch The Score this weekend, you may have caught the scientific breakdown of this goal. See, this should never have happened. Pacing down the wing at full speed towards the goal line, Carlo’s hits a .079 degree shot at 120 kilometers per hour across his body with enough rotation to defy the natural curvature of the shot. It takes a while to actually absorb the sheer stupidity of this shot, but this is the single greatest goal I have ever seen. As Tim Micallef would say… Insane!

On a sidenote – Calgary kid Owen Hargraves has been transferred to Manchester United.

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