JAM! Sunday May 13, 2007

i SAID.... JAM!!!

I will pay someone good money to come up with a killer project for all these killer fonts and brushes I’m collecting. I know there is no such project out there, but a guy can try.

... Now this is the part of the post where I try to counter act the fact I posted a photo of myself with gi-normous buns in my ears. Here’s an article (via kottke.org – of course) about the population shift from the traditional coastal cities in America to the booming heartland cities. Interesting article, because you could probably say that a similar pattern is happening in Canada, but with an added element because of the Energy boom in Fort Mac, Edmonton and Calgary. It’d be pretty interesting to see what the stats are. I have a feeling you’d see a third level of the population vacating the Energy boom centres back to places such as Saskatoon, Kamloops and Kelowna. Would be a very interesting thesis … plus you’d get the opportunity to use the word MEGALOPOLIS over and over again.

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