Random Thoughts For Zombie Humor Friday May 11, 2007

Q: What do vegan zombies say?
A: GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS! (courtesy of the Portland Mercury )

HA! 28 Weeks Later opens up today.

First – Knowledge of Thirst reviews Invisible Kool-aid. I know it’s pretty obvious, but I am so happy that Knowledge For Thirst is back up and running.

Second – Not as disturbing as the cover of Hurt, but Sad Kermit the Frog sings Creep by Radiohead.

Third – From Kottke.org, There is a new store in Tokyo that is essentially a large vending machine for T-shirts.

Fourth – (via Veer) Flip Flop Flyin has compressed his life into a series of Pie Charts. (How’s that for pie chart madness Mr.Miller) Anyways, it’s pretty funny, but it’s not nearly as classic as his Pixelated Life Map.

And because there’s a certain friend of mine who’s first name ends in palooza, here’s a Pixelated map of the Boss’s classic songs.

Fifth – Watching LOST on Wednesday, we couldn’t help but make some cracks about The Dharma Initiative Beer & The Dharma Initiative Shitty Kitty and The Dharma Initiative Beer Bongs. Anyways I knew it was only a matter of time until someone took advantage of the Dharma Initiative.

Sixth – Even worse than that, it’s the old LOST-pedia.

Seventh – The corp has now joined our fair city’s Chamber of Commerce. I figure, if I can somehow sneak into The Freemasons, The Stonecutters and maybe even a Frat, I’ll probably have the coolest collection of secret decoders of all time.

Eighth – So I’ve been in a sort of time management fog for the past two-three months. An experience, that I am completely foreign too. See I’m pretty anal when it comes to appointments and dates. But recently weeks have been morphing into days. Days into hours. Meetings into distant memories. Dogs into People, that sort of thing. Anyways, I have started to use 37signal’s Highrise web app to get my shit together and I can’t recommend it enough. Seriously sign up for Highrise, Ta-Da List (both free by the way) and buy some Knob Creek Whiskey – then my friends you will be unstoppable!

Well until the whiskey wears off… then you’ll just be pantless…and embarrassed.

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