Sled Island Preview - Redux Wednesday June 6, 2007

Update: So I’ve been getting a lot of hits regarding this post and the upcoming sled island fest. Now that the schedule has been released and tickets are now available for specific shows online, it’s time to update the post.

Here are some shows that will be more than worth your while to check out.

  • Spoon/Hot Little Rocket/Mother Mother – MacEwan Hall – June 29th Mother Mother and Hot little Rocket should be a great one-two opener. Not too familiar with Spoon, but should be a great show nonetheless.
  • Constantines/Woodpigeion/The Details – Grand Theatre -Friday June 29th Who wouldn’t want to see more of the constantines, especially at the beautiful Grand Theatre


So the Sled Island Music Festival is set to launch here in Calgary at the end of June. Alright, June 27-30 precisely.

I won’t lie, but my first reaction to the announcement was one of ultra skepticism. Fortunately that had more to do with my inability to comprehend the English language and to understand simple mathematics. But now that the line up has started to be leaked a bit more, I’m really getting excited for the fest. I’m routing for it to be a success, because there’s a bit of a c.t.overdrive connection to the festival. I used to go to high school/play soccer with the fest’s director so I’m hoping this turns out to be a hit.

There’s a distinct and ultra indie tinge to the festival. Most people who I’ve talked to about the line-up are sort of in the dark about a few of the artists. And I’ll be honest there are a few that I’ve never heard of. Anyways, I thought I’d list a couple links/tracks of the artists that I am looking forward to…

I’ve never heard them, but they should be seen by default just because of their name – Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome

Update- Some blatant promotion, Nathan from music-critic has a nice little article on the festival.

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Dude, SIDS is awesome, you’ll be a big fan. That is a wicked lineup – The Hylozoists? 3 xylophones. Amazing. Lots of good stuff on there.

hobo4hire · May 9, 10:22 pm · #permalink


Can’t wait man. Can’t wait.

I just wish that the Suicide Wrists or the Cryptos were playing. More acts to be announced soon. I guess we’ll have to just keep our fingers crossed.

cto · May 10, 08:58 am · #permalink


I wouldn’t hold my breath for either the country-fried garage rock sounds of the Cryptomaniacs (Crypto show tomorrow night at The Stetson) or the emo-named but not emo-sounding Suicide Wrists.

Both are set to expire soon, the inevitable result of Mr Manhire skipping town to head back to Ottawa.

Keep your eyes peeled for up-and-comers The Ostrich, though. Amazing live show, and some sweet tunes.

hobo4hire · May 10, 07:31 pm · #permalink

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