Mo' Problems Monday May 7, 2007

Found this gem of a Threadless shirt in my email this morning – Mo’ Money – Mo’ Problems.

Absolutely fitting for what’s going on with the current workload I’ve decided to take on. Posts for the next little while, might be scattered … a little more inane than usual. I want to talk about Sled Island and also The Comrades, but alas those things will have to wait … And yes I’m coping out with another GooTube post. I’m sure someone is going to get offended by either the Timberlake cover or the reference to depression pills, but give it to the :3o mark before you turn it off. It’s still pretty funny.

Also, I know I’m sort of over the top when it comes to the new Feist disc and please don’t just take my word on it, but track eight – Limit to Your Love is absolutely enchanting … and speaking of stunning, a new Canadian film called Fido is coming out soon. That’s right its about Zombies as suburban slaves. (On a side note Dr. Kurt Connors has a starring role.)

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I counter your t-shirt recommendation with a t-shirt recommendation of my own:

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