Barack Wednesday May 2, 2007

Much has been said of the Obama Train and it’s use of new media to connect with the electoral populous leading up to the November primaries. Just one look at and you’re inundated with Web 2.0 goodies. But what’s most impressive about the site and the philosophy behind his campaign is that he’s not just jumping on the new media bandwagon; his campaign is truly embracing Web 2.0. Dammit he’s even using reflective type. All the site needs is an awkward spelling for it’s url and they are certifiably drinking the Web 2.0 Koolaid.

See with Barack’s campaign you can watch his progress on the trail, via GooTube or even add him as a friend on your precious Facebook. (But we all know that Facebook was soooo March 2007) But you can also interact with Barack on a more intimate level and catch a potentially vintage presidential moment like the one above via his flickr account. What I was shocked to see was the Obama campaign appearing in probably one of the newest and most unexpected social networking sites.

That’s right Twitter – The Obama Train is on Twitter. Ohhh yeah!

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I watched this guy’s presidential announcement on CNN awhile back, at first I thought “oh, great here we go another US election” but I was very impressed by what he had to say. I hope americans are ready to elect a black president other then Morgan Freeman (Deep Impact)...
This guy is the real, deal. If I were American, I’d vote for him.

Dark Manyluk · May 3, 11:00 am · #permalink


1…2…3… you’ve exceeded your limit for May regarding the use of the “Web 2.0” term. Off to the sin bin for you.

Obama does seem to be America’s best bet for the next term. Still, his use of the latest social networking seems a little trite to me. His campaign is applying the traditional media approach to these new areas in a way that seems to bypass the intent of each of these sites. Kinda like LonelyGirl15.

ryan · May 3, 04:13 pm · #permalink

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