Random Thoughts For The Lizard Friday May 4, 2007

With the opening of Spiderman 3 today, I am reminded of my favorite comic book villain of all-time. That’s right The Lizard.

See as a kid The Lizard was the first instance that I heard the name Connor(s), without some reference to myself. So by default he became my favorite super-villain. And really it’s not like he was that bad of a role model. You know, besides trying to poison the waters of New York City, commanding an army of mutant sewer reptiles, eating the occasional baby and playing god with regenerating genetics; he really was just a misunderstood genius … like all true Connors.

First – From the bowels of UBCScience Scout Badges.

Second – The real name of Cap N’ Crunch. (via. Megnut or Kottke)

Third – The new Feist came out this past Tuesday and I officially suggest you go pick it up. It’s just as good as Let it Die … I would even venture to say better. It’s one of those perfect romantic night records. Play this thing over some candles, maybe a little vino and somebody’s gonna git pregnanttwo days.

Fourth – Which is funnier? What You Know About Math? or What You Know About That?

Fifth – Aliens, Anarchists, Tesla Coils and Icelandic people! Oh My! Photos from this weekend’s Coachella music fest.

Sixth – My favorite skateboard company – Jason Lee’s own Stereo Skateboard company. (Yes, it’s the same guy that plays Earl on my name is Earl.)

Seventh – What’s May day with out a fight eh? The users of Digg launched a full scale revolt against the site to keep a series of stories on HD-DVD hacks near the top of the site. (via. The Hour) This promoted the founder of Digg to retract their position and post this comment, in regards to a cease and desist notice.

If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying.


Eight – Entrepreneurial advice #487: When It pours like it did yesterday, pay the ten dollars for the cab to your client meeting. Meeting your client for the first time while dripping like a wet dog – brutal. Meeting your client for the first time as you dry yourself off with a hand dryer – fucking bush league.

Nine – I’m booking myself two tickets to the Bay of Angst. Right after I book another cruise through the Gulf of YouTube and across the Ocean of Subculture. (via NOTCOT.org)

Ten – I love their tracks, but when did WolfMother become the new Moby?

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Entrepeneurial Advice #488: Use an umbrella.

dave · May 4, 02:23 pm · #permalink


Dr.Doom is better then Dr.Connors. But I think Dr.Connors could probably beat spider-man, not Bruce Campbell.

Dark Manyluk · May 7, 10:06 am · #permalink

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