The Official Start of Patio Season Monday March 27, 2006

So I didn’t completely sleep the weekend away. I did manage to go outside and ravish in our sunny 8 degree weather.

Because it was so warm yesterday the Ship and Anchor decided to add that one extra waitress to cover the patio. You know what that means – it is officially the start of the 2006 patio season. Sure tomorrow calls for more snow and a high of -4, but the crowds of people sipping beers yesterday proved that spring is around the corner. The moment a Chinook rolls in everyone in the city rushes to that patio. There’s nothing more surreal than watching people enjoying the first beers of summer right beside a two foot pile of snow. Fuckin Rights! I love this city!

First – What does this mean for their April show in Calgary? Franz Ferdinand Frontman shot! (only funny for music nerds)

Second – You’ll notice the site has a new graffiti/gritty feel to it. Yet again I’ve changed career paths. I’ve decided I need more street cred so I’m becoming a Tagger/Graffiti artist.

Okay, actually I’ve always had a hard on for graffiti art and while in Chapters yesterday I picked up the March issue of Compurter Arts Projects . Along with some interesting Photoshop & Illustrator Projects it included a CD chalk full of graffiti inspired fonts, stock photos and design projects. All high quality tools including some work by the 123klan collective.

Revisiting my love for graffiti art makes me miss my time as a Swim and Fun instructor. Each week we had to watch the city’s graffiti patrol tell kids how bad graffiti and vandalism was. I didn’t really object to this, I actually played along. Man how I used to love lying to those kids. There is nothing funnier than the expression on their face after you explain how ” that every time spray paints a wall a baby kitten explodes.” Ohh the hilarity.

Third – From Blurbomat advertising and morality. I’m not goanna comment on the sexuality portion (each to his own), but I find it disturbing that they would go to such great lengths to attack a single blogger with a differing opinion.

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