One Way Sunday April 29, 2007

This really isn’t by any means a secret anymore, but in the next couple of weeks I plan on purchasing a one-way ticket to Cork City, Ireland.

This idea has been bounced around for months since that disastrous November. Most of the rationale for this decision comes from those tumultuous nights in a Denny’s Diner, but at the end of July, I plan on moving to Ireland for an indefinite time. I’m going home for a bit or for maybe something longer.

So why disappear now? It’s obvious that the fucked-up nature of November has finally finished. Some six months later, pretty much everything has changed for the better. So why walk away from a comfortable lifestyle and a blossoming career? Well… because I can.

A month ago when I was still on the fence about this proposition I was told outright not to go. I was told that after such an unstable year, that uprooting things again might not be the best idea. That the corporation’s growing momentum would die and I would be in a bit of personal limbo for a while. But even with those reasons, my heart dropped at the idea of not giving Ireland a chance.

Don’t get me wrong now, for all its faults I love Calgary and I adore my life here. I know how blessed I am to be surrounded by a great circle of friends and to be enjoying a fulfilling lifestyle. But since I was a wee fucker, I have always wanted to live in Ireland. Answer a series of underlying personal questions; to really spend time with Max and my cousins. And at 26ish I’ve finally earned that chance. I have no financial and educational commitments. In addition, web design is not a location-centric business; building web sites and developing clients is not reliant on your physical location. Web sites can be maintained over many different time zones. So there really is no reason not to go.

No reason to spend the rest of my life thinking What if?

... I understand now that cranes will go up and familiar buildings will be torn down, but what makes Calgary home will always remain the same. The key ingredients of what defines it as my home won’t change; and that’s the friends and the unifying characteristics of its people. Because of that I know this isn’t a permanent resolution, just more of a temporary leave of absence. So with that in a few short weeks I’m taking a break from Calgary and putting the nomadic back in my email address.

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