Breakfast of Champions Monday April 23, 2007

From ages one to six I grew up in the back seat of numerous Boeing aircraft. See my family lived in very strange locals – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cork City and Kuwait. For most kids these strange locations were only reserved for Garfield to ship off that annoying cat. For me they were home.

Anyways, me mum was fairly new to this whole parenting thing. She really didn’t know what to do with such a hyper active blonde kid during long transatlantic flights. Her solution was to feed me anything I wanted. Even it meant Coke and Mars bars for breakfast. This resulted in two things. The first was that by age fourteen I had expended more energy in a short life time than most forty-year old men. The second benefit was that I developed an uncanny ability to eat chocolate for breakfast without any moral objections.

So with that I provide you my faithful readers with the recipe for c.t.overdrive’s Breakfast of Champions.

Now don’t get me wrong, I now eat a very vegetable-centric diet and I spend a lot of my free time cooking, but the BoC is a delicious concoction I threw together a couple of weeks ago. So here’s the very complex ingredients.

  • Vanilla Yogurt – The healthier the better. The Omega stuff is the best, because if there is one thing the Mega Man series taught me it’s that anything with Omega in it will greatly enhance your performance.
  • Fresh Granola – I had an ex-girlfriend who used to eat this all the time. I used to mock her for it. She became a billboard model, while I became a professional dweeb.
  • Handfuls of plain M&M’s – So far I’ve only tried the pastel Easter ones, but I imagine the pepper-mint Christmas M&M’s would blow your mind. Sort of like mind bullets or the power of flight!

Pastel M&M's

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Dude, that is so wrong.

dave · Apr 23, 11:49 pm · #permalink


You people are sick!

Dark Manyluk · Apr 24, 11:51 am · #permalink


I’m sorry but you guys are just jealous at the genius of this concept. That’s right genius! Pure genius.

Wait till you try it. Once it hits your lips…

cto · Apr 24, 05:29 pm · #permalink


i think i just barfed in my mouth.

kristin · Apr 24, 07:36 pm · #permalink


you should mix skitles with beer, you know skitlebreau.

dark manyluk · Apr 24, 10:01 pm · #permalink


Are you people that offended? Seriously it’s just granola, yogurt and chocolate…

It’s not like we are drinking pure goats semen or anything. Come on this is chocolaty goodness at it’s best. Expand your minds...

cto · Apr 25, 02:34 am · #permalink


The only thing I find offensive about this is that you still have Easter Chocolate in your house.

If you really appreciated the true wonderfulness of chocolate, that would be long gone by now.

Kari · Apr 25, 07:25 am · #permalink


did you just refer to “pure goat semen” ?

dave · Apr 26, 03:47 pm · #permalink

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