Random Thoughts For A Flagpole Sitta Friday April 27, 2007

If at the 2:38 mark of this video, you’re not excited about life – I’m sorry but there’s just no help for you.

Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger on Vimeo

You know what, working at Armadillo Studios is sorta similar to that … but with far less people… and far less beer … and far less Harvey Danger … and too much Rod Stewart … and the occasional punch to head.

First – I can just see the conversation now

Web Designer #1: Hey where should we throw our next @media conference?
Overworked Web Designer #2: For Christ’s sake can’t you see I’m busy. Hold it at a F#$%ing Research Station on Antarctica for all I care! Just let me do my work!


Third – The first Knowledge of Thirst review in months – Snapple Mandarin Tangerine Red Tea.

It’s unfortunate, because it smells really good. Sort of fruity and herbal-y. Light and gentle. Summer breeze and a carefree smile. If I met a girl whose hair smelled like this I would want to date her. But then if I kissed her and she tasted like this, well, the less said, but I would certainly remove her from my Top 8 on Myspace, I can tell you that.

Fourth – Ah-ha! My first random thought to vent about something that’s been bothering me. People, please do not create anymore generic blind cc’d “How’s it going” emails. If you actually care about what’s going on write a personalized email. Use my name or even an inside joke. Don’t write an obvious generic email and then blind cc all your friends just so you can feel all warm and cozy on the inside for staying in touch.

If you don’t have time to write a personal email to everyone, just create a massive email and just admit that you don’t have the time. That type of generic personalized email/letter is reserved for my bank and lame insurance companies. End rant.

Fifth – A pretty amazing display of courage from Roger Ebert. (via svn)

Sixth – It’s just an essay from the Economist, but the title alone might get you in trouble at work. Anyways, there’s an old technological theory that purposes that Pornography is one of the key indicators in how society will accept emerging technology. Turns out that Social Networking sites are finally about to eclipse those gaudy bright pink web sites in popularity. The old skin and sin industry is now shifting its attention towards Second Life and other Virtual sites for the new sources of income. (via kottke.org)

Seventh – Dom-Kom The T-shirt. But please remember every time you wear it, God kills a kitten.

Eighth – As if you need another reason to join Flickr, but Imagekind and Flickr have united to allow you to turn your photos into beautifully framed prints.

Nine – Ah-ha. See I’m not the only Con(n)or that loses shit when he’s annihilated! (via Stereogum)

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