Hard On Wednesday April 18, 2007

I have quite possibly the biggest hard on in the world. Why? Why do you ask? Well because the Flames won.

That’s right – the Flames won. I’m not here to make any predictions or guesstimates about the series, because if you’re a regular reader of c.t.overdrive, you’ll know of my track record with Flames predictions: Taratukin, Last Year’s Playoff’s, Charles Kobasew, and Tony Amonte. Any time I open me fat Irish mouth about the Flames the opposite happens… So I’m not gonna say shit about them this year.

But I am going to say something. Say something about the irrationality of April, the irrationality of May and the irrationality of June. I’m talking about the passion we (young Calgarians) have for the flames. I’m talking about the extreme level of testiness I have when it comes to playoff time.

See I (and others) grew up As The First Generation of Flames fans. If you were born between 1978-1984, you are one of the first true Calgarians who grew up with the team of the late 80’s. We grew up with McInnis, Robert, Nieuwendyk, McDonald, Vernon, Wamsley, Fleury, Titov, Riechel, Bure, McCarthy, Ward, and countless others. We grew up cheering for no other team than Calgary. In our eyes, the Flames have never been a novelty expansion team. They’ve been our team. They’ve been as big a part as Calgary as Pancake Breakfasts and the Calgary Tower. They are our only team. The Leafs, The Canadians, The Oilers, The Wings, The Bruins… They mean nothing to us. We’ve never joined bandwagons. We’ve just had our Flames.

In a city over run of people not born in Calgary, we didn’t start cheering for the Flames in ’04 when they made their unprecedented run. We started in ’87, ‘89’ or ’91. We’ve been through the Kay Whitmore days, the Gilbert Days, the Don Hay Days. We’ve been there. And we’ve never quit caring. So when the Flames lose in April, May or June and you question why we’re so irrationally irate. Step back and think. We’re that emotional, because it’s more than a game. It’s a part of our upbringing. It’s what defines us as Calgarians.

So this drunken post goes out to the countless others who’ve cared about the Flames.

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dave · Apr 18, 08:56 am · #permalink


Even though it was from the “dark days” I loved the ‘All Out Every Shift’ motto.

I wish we still used that now.

Kari · Apr 18, 10:49 am · #permalink


One question… and it’s a question I’ve asked you many times.
What is it with you and Rick Wamsley? Seriously, I know he has a cool name, but what else did he have going for him? At least Vernon had a coke habit and the legendary greatest glove save ever made…. but Wamsley?

Jamie · Apr 18, 12:55 pm · #permalink


The bars on his mask were painted yellow! If that ain’t street cred, I don’t know what is.

hobo4hire · Apr 18, 04:29 pm · #permalink


they don’t call him superman for nothing…

brett · Apr 18, 11:34 pm · #permalink


Besides being superman, Ed Ward has quite possibly the greatest name of all time… Think about it… If you combine his name it becomes EdWard. But if you take it in the context that Ed was short for Edward, then his name becomes Edward Ward. Brilliant!

Wamsley, even I can’t remember why I liked Wamsley over Vernon. Maybe it’s because he wasn’t the lead vocals on “You can’t stop a flame, when it’s red hot!” Hmm, I don’t remember.

cto · Apr 19, 08:20 am · #permalink

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