Random Thoughts For This Twitter Nonsense Friday April 20, 2007

Yesterday, I got beer bullied into signing up for Twitter.com...

Twitterness Nonsense

... which is totally cool with me, because the creepy high school reunion that is Facebook, was soooooo March 2007.

First- A giant pixelated mural of Oslo, Norway.

Second – The New York times has a great article on Calgary’s own Feist.

Third – Oddica.com has released the coolest Octopus T-shirt package in the history of mankind. Seriously, does anyone know of a more amazing combination of fashion and Octopi? I don’t. We’ll maybe there’s some sick twist octopus-thong combo lingering in some back alley that I’m not aware of that.

Fourth – I’m taking this directly from kottke.org, generally because it screams to the Urban Studies in me, but Sao Paolo, Brazil has removed all billboards from the city’s sky scape. One resident has posted the results on Flickr and it’s messed up. These pictures really mimic Bruce Mau’s quintessential work in S,M,L,XL.

Fifth – Did you see that last line. I name dropped some random designer. That sorta pretentious BS you get when you blow twenty thousand dollars and five years of your life to get a piece of shiny paper. Hurray for academia!

Sixth – I’m not going to get political about the tragedy at Virginia Tech on Monday, but this editorial really sums up my thoughts regarding how the media is handling/will handle this tragedy.

Seventh – Get yer ten-sided die out, because after thirty years there’s a new J.R.R.Tolkien novel out.

Eight – Welcome to the Public Enemy of Church Websites. It hits hard and fast like the opening lines of Welcome to the Terrordrome. Does anyone else feel like they’re opening up the website to a Michael Bay action flick. Thanks to Airbag and Mr.Miller.

Nine – The second best thing about the Dawn of the Dead remake, Sarah Polley, was interviewed on Wednesday night’s Hour. I’m just gonna bite my thumb … Liley Allen is scheduled to be interviewed next week. (An interview where George suggests it might be a good idea to take a break) ... Again I’m just going to bite my thumb.

Ten – GooTube has a clip of the closing ceremony of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. A little part of my civic pride died because of those SunIce jumpsuits.

Eleven – Last and final thought. (Jesus, these random thoughts are out of control) But there be life at Knowledge for Thirst.com. It fucking lives!!!!!

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Wow. Just watched the ’88 Olympics clip…
Think I threw up in my mouth a little.

Jamie · Apr 21, 01:27 pm · #permalink


I’ll show you a couple of pics from sao paulo when you come to Stoon. I believe their population is more like 20 million (accounted for)

mötorhead · Apr 23, 07:14 pm · #permalink

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