Best Story Ever Monday April 16, 2007

The Hour has a pretty funny segment called Best Story Ever! They take random celebrities and ask them their funniest/best story. A couple of the stories are somewhat lame, but most are priceless. Lewis Black’s, Kenny’s from Kenny & Spenny and even Andy Strummer’s story are good for a nice chuckle. You’ll have to use the search feature to find some of them.

But by far the most entertaining story has to be Canadian/British Comic Phil Nichol’s. I don’t know whether it is the Norwegian Trip-hop, Peeing into a gay man’s Snorkel or his energetic delivery, but it’s absolutely priceless. The Hour doesn’t have this on Gootube or a specific way to embed the file so you have to go to this link here.

Be forewarned there’s isn’t a single second of this that is safe for work.

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There is a page for all the Best Story Ever’s

Paul · Apr 16, 01:47 pm · #permalink


Thanks Paul, I’ve made the update to the post.

cto · Apr 16, 02:17 pm · #permalink


Thanks for the NSFW disclaimer :)

stefanD · Apr 24, 09:31 am · #permalink

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