Tire Kicking Saturday April 14, 2007

So a month ago I caved and joined this Facebook nonsense. Everyone knows what it is by now. If you don’t, well come on. Seriously, what are you doing in your spare time? Enjoying life? Living? Anyways, the whole Facebook thing is starting to gain momentum in mainstream media and soon enough all the companies/firms you work for will be banning it. It’s pure electronic crack and it completely ruins productivity. That’s right slackers enjoy it while you can. I give it till the end of summer.

I’m not gonna lie, Facebook is a guilty pleasure in the same vein as the Ellen show and the Jackass movies. Like seriously, I’ve always wanted a vehicle to send consecutive drunken messages to old acquaintances or a venue to find out about some cat’s poor urinary tract. Or even better yet, a venue for even more blatant self promotion. So thank you for satisfying that craving Facebook. But that’s too obvious to talk about, the thing I want to talk about is how Facebook has pretty much sped up the demise of the personal blogging trend.

Someone mentioned this at SXSW last year, but blogging is nearing the end of the tire kicking stage of development. The phenomenal growth of blogs has pretty much peaked People who wanted to try blogging have created sites and have finished testing it out. Most have tried it and quit. The people who really enjoyed it have continued on with their site, but for most their personal blogs didn’t last more than a few months. It sounds like a great idea, but it’s too time consuming to create decent content and really all you want to do is post pictures of your friends all smashed or pictures from your exotic trips with your insert body part hanging out. Which is cool. I do it all the time. But the instant gratification really isn’t there for most. You’re not getting thousands of hits a day and most people’s friends aren’t going to keep coming back to check on you after a couple of weeks. Unless you’re really persistent and you shove the f*&king thing in their faces until they give-up via submission.

So along comes Facebook, which is exactly what most people wanted in this blogging nonsense anyways. A central hub to communicate with friends and post pictures of your friends all smashed or pictures from your exotic trips with your insert body part hanging out. The perfect solution. You don’t have to play with .html and .css code and you’ve got a built-in readership of 80-110 friends. The Perfect Crime.

Now with that said, there are a couple of things that Facebook doesn’t have that will keep the personal blog/web site around. The obvious thing is Facebook doesn’t have a decent way to post content. Sure you can post notes and videos, but for some reason they just seem to get lost in the shuffle of status updates or broken hearts. Which is okay, but with a personal site your content is front and center. Your ideas are the center of attention. Second is the aesthetic touch, which is a blessing and a curse. Facebook is pretty dreary to look at but at least it doesn’t allow people to butcher the soul like Myspace. Personal sites allow you the flexibility to showcase some talent or skill, but of course you need to know .css and have the spare time to really make it stand out.

So what’s this post about? Nothing really, it’s just a neat little prediction about Facebook and the trend in personal blogging. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is probably the best example of a social communication tool to hit the internet, but it just lacks something. I guess for me that something is content and context. Pictures don’t mean much to me – words and ideas do. But at least I can thank Facebook for completely obliterating any impetus to attend next years High school reunion. I’ve had the nine conversations I wanted to have. Now excuse me, I’ve got to go poke someone.

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