Insane in the Membrane Saturday March 25, 2006

Ohh – How the mighty have fallen. It is late Saturday night and as predicted I completely hit the wall this weekend. I’m burnt out of it. I’ve spent most of the weekend napping, modifying the website, and dancing to unhealthy doses of 90’s rap. Not that I really mind. I’m actually really relaxed. Might have to do with the three naps I’ve taken or the copious amounts of sheesha last night. Again, not much to write about.

First – Its been a while since I went down to the Cafe Med on 1st street for Sheesha. Not much has changed there. It is still an urban escape to the Mediterranean. But now with the added bonus of the degeneration of 1st street, one can sit, relax and watch crack heads across the street dance off for more crack rock! Anyways on Friday I managed to get some interesting smoking shots with the cybershot. No photos of crack heads though – that’s just too entertaining.

Apple Mint Sheesha

Second – More SoaP nerdaility. Ian sent me this flickr link of more nerdy-hijinks. Turns out there is a whole Soap flickr string. This photoshop creation has to be the most imaginative.

Third – As promised the site’s a changing! If you look closely you’ll notice I’ve added two sections the archives and the portfolio.

  • The Archives section contains every post made on ctoverdrive. Which simply catalogues my lameness over the past 30 days. So if your interest to see how stupid I was on March 14th use this section.
  • The Portfolio section is still under construction. I will be pawning my wears on a handful of art schools and local studios, so I’ll be slowly adding my work here.

You’ll also notice I’ve created new mastheads and removed the lame CD of the month. More changes to come. Including more fireworks, orange jumpsuits and crack rock…

Fouth – Wow, It was a year ago St.patties that I was Blot-toed in Blot-tawa for the 2005 Energy Ambassadors Competion. You notice that Mr. Ian Manhire’s quote is still front and centre on the first page. The University of Calgary 2005 submission

Fifth – As mentioned I’ve given-up listening to mope-core. So I’ve been shaking my mick ass all over my apartment pumping some classics all weekend – Q-Tip, A Tribe called Quest, Cypress Hill, Danger Doom, De La Soul, Kanye West, etc. But there is only so much a man can take before going Locco. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve heard good thing about the Common album. Anything else.

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brass monkey … that funky monkey

Scott · Mar 27, 12:06 am · #permalink


mos def – mathematics

travis · Mar 27, 07:08 pm · #permalink


Travis – Much thanks. Mos Def completely slipped my mind. I will check it out tomorrow during lunch.

Scott – I love it. But i’ve already got the best of the boys.

cturner · Mar 27, 09:14 pm · #permalink

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