Virgin Monday April 9, 2007

No, I’m not talking about that uncomfortable night in the backseat of an Econoline Van.

But I did get your perverted attention and I am goanna do something different. I’ve used this site to promote bands, sticker companies and even the odd t-shirt company. But I am using this post to rave about a large mainstream corporation – Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile's Amazing site

After being c.t.o.‘d Friday night I woke up to realize that I had lost my phone, among an assortment of other things – faith, dignity, and about fifteen pounds. So, today I had to go through the uncomfortable pain of picking up a new Virgin phone. Now its embarrassing enough to lose a phone under such circumstances, but the whole Virgin experience was stunningly easy.

First off, disabling my M.I.A. phone took less than four seconds via the website. One click on the I’m a moron I’ve lost my freaking phone icon and everything was solved. I didn’t have to worry about my phone being used for long distance calls anymore. So much simpler than the first time.

Next, making the complicated switch from the old phone to the new phone. (which for more complexity involved two completely different cell phone makes and brands) All it took was one simple phone call once I purchased the phone. Actually, it was two simple phone calls, but the second one I didn’t even have to make, because the freaking customer support service actually phoned me back to keep continuity. Instead of having to explain the whole situation to another agent, the one I started the process with phoned my house to continue the process. No run arounds. Nothing. The easiest installation I have ever come across.

Now, why make a big deal about this? Well, this could be the first time I’ve actually come across customer service so simple, so painless and so honest. Plus, as you know Canada now allows you to switch companies without losing your number. Also, the entire Virgin experience has been fantastic – unlike most of the past twenty nine years. And I have a feeling that there are people who are nervous about going with a Virgin… for a phone company … or just nervous about being a virgin in general... Ah for F$&k’s sake, when did I inherit the mentality of a couple giggling teenage girls … I’m done … really I tried so hard to make this a good post … I can’t do it.

Just switch phone companies. Trust me; It’s better than the hood of a Chevy Impala.

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do these guys help with missing cameras, jackets, faith, dignity and 15lbs?

Is there some magic telephone number you can call?

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