Random Thoughts For Odd Influences Friday April 13, 2007

Initially, I was going to ramble on about how much I miss my two ancient posters of James Byron Dean, which adorned the walls of my old apartment in Riley Park. How I miss waking up to those classic black and white images. How one day, when I settle down into my own place, I’m going to pick up some really large and creepy prints of James Dean. You know the kind. They usually decorate the walls of pretentious designers or extremely flamboyant gay men … But then I saw that Kurt Vonnegut Jr. passed away

Fallen Influences

After Orwell, Vonnegut Jr. is probably my favorite writer. The fact that I read maybe two books every decade, really doesn’t make that an astonishing fact, but his work has been pretty influential to me. In Junior High, a good friend of mine suggested I read Galapagos. It was a book basically with the opinion that mankind was better off as bunch of mutated otters. Some scary shit for a 14 year old kid to absorb. Still to this day that idea haunts me. I hate otters. Anyways, I continue to read Vonnegut, but Galapagos is still my favorite.

But as Kurt says, as it goes…

First – The Cryptomaniacs are playing two shows this weekend. One at the Underground on Friday night and the Second at the Hi-Fi Club on Saturday night. I will be going to the Saturday night show. So this weekend is a good weekend to get your Zombified-PshycoBilly on.

Second – Mr. Miller (the man who did my Vanity Fair shots a few months ago) was featured in Dork Magazine for his online flickr portfolio. Congrats man. Seriously Congrats.

Third – Not sure if this is a joke or not, but do you remember the American Gladiators? Do you remember Malibu? Because I sure as hell don’t! Who the hell was Malibu!

Fourth – The cast of He-man sings Bohemian Rhapsody. Sorry I forgot to mention that Kontraband.com was sort of unsafe for work. A crying skeletor…priceless…

Fifth – The top ten unsexiest Celebrities via. The hour.

Sixth – I’ve been lost in Photoshop Paintbrush land for the last couple of days. If you want to make some beautiful photoshop renderings go visit Designfruit.com and then visit some of the results on flickr.

Seventh – The story of the Fort Wayne Pistons. Which in turn is the story of the Detroit Pistons. Can you imagine how many lives would have been saved if they’d only stayed in Indiana. I’m sure there is at least five piston fans that wouldn’t have been shivved.

Eighth – Happy BSD kids.

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