Random Thoughts For Attack Helicopters with Bow Ties Thursday April 5, 2007

I hate it when I get a ridiculous quote stuck in my head for a week! Watch out, it’s an MP3 Link. It’s going to start playing when you click on it. (via palmsout)

First – Sitting awake at 3:00am on a Wednesday evening and I have to admit I don’t get all the backlash for Zach Braff’s latest flick Last Kiss. I can’t understand the hate? I thought it was brilliant! It was poignant and realistic. Plus, I really adored the conversation about the Grey area of life. Definitely something I’d recommend for the 27-30 age bracket.

Wow – 27 years old – brutal!

Second- Beside ridiculous Lupe Fiasco remixes, Basia Bulat is now dominating my iTunes playlist.

Third – From Lifehacker.com – a weekend project to turn your bedside table into a fucking shield and bat. Take that Night Zombies!

Fourth – Remember the website DotheRightthing.com? Of course you don’t. Anyways somebody posted a link to a company which specializes in Eco-friendly moving supplies. In addition, the community has also rendered their first judgments on three very popular companies.

Fifth – On occasion I make really sugary crack cupcakes. I’m sure there are others out there who have far stronger baking skills than I, but replacing the butter and oil with Diet Soda. (via ReadyMade Magazine) This is insanity. No … Say it with me ...This IS SPARTA....

What the hell am I talking about?

Sixth – Silly, silly, silly, silly Keith Richards.

Seventh – I have to post this. I just have to post it. It’s June Callwood’s interview with George on … of course the Hour. Here’s a link to the actual interview. A very raw conversation on the inevitability of Death and facing death itself. If you do get the courage to watch this, I imagine once you finish you’ll be able to hear a pin drop in what ever room you happen to be in.

Eight – Happy Easter! I decided to put this out early for all you suckers counting the minutes till 4:00pm will have something to read.

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