Yet Another SoaP Post Thursday March 23, 2006

Where is My Mind? – The Pixies (oooo…how cheesy)

I have a feeling this weekend the insanity of the past 60 days is about to rear its bastard of a head and TKO’me. I’m already starting to feel a growing tension in my back and neck. This whole cocktail of changing one’s life, overdosing on tex-mex cuisine, Denver air, insta-shedding 15 pounds, and too much Photoshop has gotten to me. So tonight I am feeling very random and worn out. No cool stories at the moment & no racy photos. Just random ideas for Friday morning.

First – Snakes on a Plane. (SoaP for short) Rennie and I have been following this movie for a couple of months now. If you don’t know, here’s a synopsis: Samuel L. Jackson + snakes + the imagination of internet kids = improbable buzz for a campy movie which (I predict) will easily win its opening weekend. Now that CNN has done a SoaP piece – The SoaP train is a COMING. One question, how can you reshoot a movie called snakes on a plane with more nudity? I do like the fact that SLJ strangles a snake with his bare hands.

And with that I will never mention this movie on this blog, again…ish

Second – I caved in. I am now fully immersed in Apple’s itunes. Not only do I download podcasts (which I still think sounds like kinky alien sex b/w Ripley and Hudson), but I purchased my first itunes. (Jenny Lewis W/ the Walton TwinsBig Guns & Gladys Knight and the Pips If I was your woman) Call me a ludite, but I’m still a huge CD collector. The 300 odd CD’s which are litered in every open crevasse of my apartment are amazing. There’s nothing more enjoyable than picking the shrapnel from a Tribe Called Quest CD from the soles of my foot.

Yesterday as I starred at my new downloads, I was reminded of an idea from the Smaller, Faster, Lighter SXSW panel. I can’t remember who, but one of the panelists mentioned that the lasting legacy of the itunes would be that it changed music from a production (cd’s/vinyl records/tapes) to a database. It’s nerdy, but it’s undeniably true. Look at your itunes player, all those tracks used to be an element of a CD which used to have a physical presence. Now they’re just an entry in a large database. The guy was right the physicality of an album is about to lose its relevance.

Third – Rick Mercer’s Knee in my groin video is already making the internet rounds. Mercer is a genius. Since I’m stuck with peasant vision The Mercer Report is the funniest thing I get to watch on TV. Wow, two shout outs to the CBC. I must be a commie.

I apologize for the lameness of tonight’s post. I’m in major need of some sleep. Thanks to the people who continue to read this. I was even shocked to see hits from Oz and San Jose. (Go figure)

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Werd connor….lovin the site keep it going

trav mcnish · Mar 25, 12:35 pm · #permalink


Thanks buddy. I think the VC is in order pretty soon.

cturner · Mar 26, 07:54 am · #permalink

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