Random Thoughts For The Hypnotic Brass Band Friday March 30, 2007

This week’s post goes out to Chicago/New York’s Hypnotic Brass Band.

I stumbled across these guys last week because of the Palms out blog. (Seriously one of the best music blogs out there) I have zero street cred to make this claim, but The Hypnotic Brass Band are sick. Like call the vet, because these puppies are sick. They’re a 9 piece brass ensemble that play guerrilla style shows along the subway stations and the sidewalks of Gotham.

8 of the members are actual brothers from different mothers. Seriously… Their father was the legendary Kelan Phil Cohran – a man who may or may not be as crazy as Gerry. Although I’m sure Dad never dressed up in any Amon Ra costumes. Maybe there was that one time in Lebanon. Anyways, their brand of instrumental jazz/hip-hop is incredible; mesmerizing and moving. Maybe it was my mental state last week but something about their tunes just hit me like a brick – tearful hypnotic music.

They’ve been playing some shows with Mos Def (he’s the one in the Blue Hoodie) at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Unfortunately their work isn’t online. It’s isn’t even on itunes. All there is are these quick GooTube clips.

Video #2: War By the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Video #3: Mos Def & HBE playing Poison at the Brooklyn Academy

First – Instructions on how to make a drop dead gorgeous wall paper for you website. If you could bottle up Nick’s talent, it’d taste like an Ice Cold Snapple Lemon Iced Tea.

Second – It seems like more and more guys are taking their spouses’ name in marriage. I’m just throwing it out there, but I’d have no objections to being called Connor Alba. Straight up no objections. I’m just throwing that out there. (via kottke.org)

Third – Speaking of Marriage, Cabbie on the Street tries to find a Best Man at the NBA All-star game. I love how little respect Kobe Bryant gives Cabbie. I also love how Cabbie’s resilient pestering has turned an awkward situation in to a running gag. Well done Cab!

Fourth – The Ralph Benmurgi Part is the best

Fifth – One of my favorite humor sites Knowledgeforthirst.com seems to have died a tragic and pointless death. Seems like there is a little bit of drama behind the scenes. to honor this tragic end, I plan on drinking 2 litres of Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

Sixth – Forget flying to Ireland, I’m taking Gerry’s Truck. Google Map’s precise instructions on how to drive from New York to Dublin Ireland (again via kottke.org)

Seventh – One of my favorite quotes from the SXSW podcasts I’ve been listening to, comes from Bruce Sterling.

Mash ups, Movie Mash ups, Video Mash ups and also Sound Mash ups; are a tremendous vogue. People on the internet like to pretend that this stuff is unbelievably great… Nobody’s going to listen to Mash ups in another ten years. Mash ups are novelty music. They are like the Monster Mash of Music. They have no musical staying power.

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hypnotic brass. It wasn’t just your mental state, they’re unbelievably good. I need to find a way to get more of their music.

Margo · Mar 30, 07:25 am · #permalink


here’s HBE’s comment to a myspace message I sent:
“we don’t sell our music online. it’s very exclusive. if you’re n new york you can catch us at union square sunday. if it’s cold or raining, we’ll be downstairs.”

Margo · Mar 30, 09:50 am · #permalink


cabbie rules.

dan · Mar 30, 10:30 am · #permalink


The Monster Mash of music? This guy’s the Bruce Sterling of writing, I tell ya.

Oh, and those are interesting directions to Ireland…via France? Maybe the water gets too rough to swim in through the Irish coast. That must be it.

hobo4hire · Mar 30, 12:40 pm · #permalink


Yeah, I don’t understand why it’s via France. Maybe there’s no place for Jettas to dock around the southern coast of Ireland. Because of course, you’d be driving a Jetta. I heard they can go from Lethbridge to Vancouver and something else about sushi.

Yeah, The HBE are fairly strange. I like the “If you’re in New York.” Because everyone can just punt down to new York to grab a Cd. Oh well, GooTube clips it is then.

cto · Mar 30, 01:49 pm · #permalink


Wonderful writing style. I like your thoughts. I Like the way you thing give me some more. I need to find a way to get more of their music.

Term papers · Jan 4, 12:37 am · #permalink

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