Junos Wednesday March 21, 2007

Not that I’ve ever used this site for blatant self promotion or anything, but music-critic is running a pretty impressive contest. Unlike previous contests you’re not going to be awarded a creepy cardboard cutout of Brad Paisley or buttons from some emo band. See this contest is in conjunction the 2007 Junos. That’s right kiddies, the big boys! The Heavy Weights. It’s some pretty exciting stuff. Anyways, it’s for a fairly lucrative CD collection of this year’s nominees and with music-critic you’ll probably have your best chance of winning something. So please enter. Oh god please enter …

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Dude. You weren’t supposed to advertise the contest so that my entry would be a guaranteed winner. Bastard!

dave · Mar 21, 01:45 pm · #permalink


so… can I have the Brad Paisley cutout then?

ryan · Mar 22, 02:49 pm · #permalink

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