Random Thoughts For Trucker Hats Friday March 23, 2007

Trucker hats For Ever.

Like dacron slacks before them, where would we be without them?

First – I’m a Threadless fiend, but even I missed this illegal submission.

Second – So the Hour is seriously becoming a heavy weight television show. I’m sorry, but I really think that this show is one of the most fantastic pieces of television currently airing. Take Monday’s Disinformation for example. Did you know that one of the hero’s from Black Hawk Down was a perder-ass. Yeah, dude a peder-ass !

Third – Come on it has the Z-word in it – Attack of the Zombie Brands (via kottke.org)

Fouth – Douche – the New Male Body Spray. (NSFW and from SuperDeluxe.com) The coldest comment in that entire skit is the whole Entourage thing. I understand that the pastel shirts I wear are pretty lame, but don’t make fun of Entourage.

Fifth – I know you just want to waste the afternoon so you can head straight to the Ship and get loaded on Wild Rose Industrial Pale Ale…I know you do…So you should play Desktop Defender for the rest of the afternoon. (again via kottke.org) Then you should stumble down to the ship and meet up on the patio. Just do it. Seriously, just give in.

Sixth – Stereogum explains why ridiculously bad band sell millions of records. If you’re curious the technical name of this phenomena is the Nickelback Effect.

Seventh – Have I mentioned this in a post yet? Because The Hour is amazing. I’ve always wondered how Blue Rodeo is able to describe the most intimate of heartbreaks. Thank god we have George to ask these important questions the nation has always wondered.

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I nearly bought that shirt during the xmas sale…

And yeah, The Hour is some of the best tv going.

Margo · Mar 23, 04:51 pm · #permalink


Their ten dollar shirt sales are deadly. Absolutely deadly.

cto · Mar 24, 07:55 pm · #permalink


Desktop Defender has consumed my life!

mötorhead · Mar 29, 06:50 pm · #permalink


jim cuddy is my future husband. he just doesn’t know it yet.

kristin · Mar 29, 09:22 pm · #permalink

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