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Caved Wednesday March 14, 2007

Alright, so after weeks of jive talk, I finally caved in to the hype that is this Facebook chaos. For the record, this is solely for research purposes. If I’m truly dedicated to all aspects of Web 2.0, I have to experiment with Social Networking Sites. (Who am I kidding? This is solely for my insatiable ego!)

What Have I done.

For those who don’t know. Facebook is a social networking site similar to Myspace and High-five. It was designed and geared towards the college crowd as a more sophisticated version of Myspace. It allows you to stay in touch (or creep out) with your friends. It’s a whole system of connectors and tubes and poking and hooking up and photos … Actually, I’m not actually sure what the hell’s going on because I’m far too overwhelmed with emails telling me about all my new friends for life… And people I’ve never met before… And people I’ve been for avoiding for donkey’s year.

We Hooked Up?

So why is Facebook so popular? Well, from the ten minutes I’ve been on it, because it’s simultaneously simple and complex. Any fool can use this site and I think that’s the major appeal. You don’t need to understand the basics of CSS or what a floating tag is to create interesting content on Facebook. Simply add pictures of yourself puking on your trip to Mexico from the comfort of your bed with the simple click of a button. (Yeah, Wiseman I saw that. Big Brother’s watching your Torontonian ass.)

While it’s simple to build and maintain your Profile page, it’s also extremely easy to get lost in the complexity of the site. Your new friends connect to other high school friends and then you connect to their friends. All of sudden you’re looking at someone’s favorite websites and learning crazy things about some girl you had a crush on in junior high. (Not that I did that or anything… err) But isn’t this stuff that you could do over a couple beers or a phone call. Sure, but it’s far easier to log on and catch up with someone then it is to call them. Right. Isn’t it? I don’t know?

I can see the appeal of the site; Simple, complex and it feeds everyone’s social curiosity. This must be crack for some people. I know for a fact, if I was one of the bored at work crowd this would be pure crack. Why not, stay in contact and waste countless hours of corporate time involved in a social network. What’s better, that lame coffee break or 15 minutes scanning photos?

Speaking of which the corporation’s productivity has dropped to absolute zero and I have a headache from all the emails and poking. (Why do you want to poke me. At least buy me a drink or two first!)

As Mr.Miller said (Whom by the way is my new BFF – because we were the first Facebook Friends Forever!)

This is a recipe for a whole shit load of chaos.

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Yikes, Facebook. Why would you want to network with 18 year old girls who want to put up pictures of themselves drunk at parties…

See you online.

ryan · Mar 15, 09:38 am · #permalink


I’m in shock about one of your friends you know who I’m talking about…
What took you so long to get on face book?
How much does facebook weigh?
and so on and so on and so on…
and he is “Our”“Friend”

Dark Manyluk · Mar 15, 10:23 am · #permalink

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