Random Thoughts For All The Patricks Out There! Thursday March 15, 2007

When I was a wee little kid, Gerry used the term Patty to describe a bunch of Irishmen on Television. In my wee Connor voice (Yes, it sounds eerily similar to the old Uncle Mick Irish voice) I asked him why Irish people were called Patties?

– Dad, why are Irish people called Patties?
– Well it’s because when they started coming off the boat over to England every single one had Patrick in their name.
– Really?
– Yup, it was either Patrick O ‘ Sullivan or Timmy O’ Patrick. So, they just started calling everyone Patty.
– but Dad, not everyone from Ireland has Patrick in their name?
– Well, what’s your name?
– Umm… Connor Pat…
– That’s right you stupid twit.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day you Muppets.

First – I now have a new idol. This man’s name is Barry Stiefel and he visited all 50 states during his one week of vacation in 1998. I’d love to do something similar, but with all the provinces and territories. (via kottke.org) Any takers out there?

Second – That way there will be something to reanimate when the Zombie Uprising occurs in 2046. I can’t think of anything more amazing.

Third – Third… well fuck Third… Hey you know what? Sometime life hits your right in the chest, takes you for a spin and transforms you into the sad guitar solo of a classic Blue Rodeo Song. Hey, it happens, not by your choice. But it happens.

Fourth – Wow, There is no way this Guinness commercial exists. If so I’ve really got to layoff the peyote. (via Veer.com)

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Do all Irish people think it’s ok to “Dunk and Suck”?

Dark Manyluk · Mar 16, 09:29 am · #permalink


If i recall it was “Dip and Suck.” And yes all Irish people think it’s okay to “Dip & Suck.”

cto · Mar 16, 06:28 pm · #permalink

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