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Ides Tuesday March 13, 2007

Ohhh, I said it. I fuckin said it. I knew it. I had an eerie feeling that the month of March would be screwed up.

This Monday was definitely one of those W.T.F. days. (By the way I find it far funnier if you actually spell out W.T.F. instead of reading it as What The Fuck. It’s also funnier if you add in a brutal Barbie doll accent. Try it. Seriously try it. And watch hilarity ensue.) Come to thing of it, most of March has been pretty strange, but this Monday was just comically weird. So, if anyone else is interested I’m planning on driving out to some desolate prairie town and setting up shop for a couple of days with a case of Labatt Wildcat Strong. Any takers … Yeah, yeah, I wish …

The City at 3:00pm

The City at 11:00pm
Snow Cursted Calgary

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