Remembering George Wednesday March 22, 2006

First – So this morning I was up at the ungodly hour of 4:50 getting ready to help out at the seed. At that time of the day there is nothing on peasant vision but static and infomercials. On CityTv there was this hideously pale man promoting the Dual-Action-Cleanse. I’m sorry, but if you are up at 4:00am and you are seriously contemplating purchasing a cleansing diet pawned by Golem from LOTR – you’ve got more serious things to deal with. Second how does a cleansing diet (essentially consuming nothing but water and leafy greens for a couple days) work in a DUAL ACTION format. I thought Dual Action was strictly for toilets or G.I.Joe action figures. Does this dual action cleanse fire bazooka rounds or karate chop your digestive tract? Please say it does.

Second – The international Airport in Belfast is to be renamed after the great George Best on May 22nd. Growing up there were three pillars of Britain’s football glory years: The brothers Charlton – Jackie and Bobbie and the great George Best. As a kid it was imbedded that Bobby led England to the world cup, Jackie brought the long ball to the Irish national team and George was famously good – but led a life of great quotes, loose booze and fast women. (Or was it the other way around)

When a reporter asked George why he was coming to play football in Canada. George looked him in the eye and said “I saw a big sign on the side of a building which said ‘DRINK CANADA DRY.’ So I thought it was a good challenge!” (More quotes from the legend)

Either way George was and still is the greatest. During the week I spent in Belfast I understood how much he meant to the city. On occasion I wear a shirt I purchased from a skate shop there. When I wear it people are always confused why Che has a huge beard and stupid grin. Well it’s because it’s not Che, its BEST.
Che Best

Third – In the one month this site has been up, I’ve talked about digestive tracts twice. I apologize.

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