Random Thoughts For Everyone Being an Android Thursday March 8, 2007

... Well if that’s the case, I want a refund on my programming. Because my CPU has been fried this week.

First – Part 2 of the interesting chat between the Threadless & Viemo Guys.

I hate being called a college dropout. It’s like almost 10 years ago already. And I didn’t drop out, I just decided to learn on my own.

Ahh… where was this back up in ’99 or ’01.

Second – The worst scenario when developing a music review is when you think you’ve made a startling breakthrough only to realize someone else made the exact same comparison in an old review. I’ve spent the past two weeks on a review for Hamilton’s The Reason. I have scoured my record collection trying to figure out who they reminded me of. Yesterday I had a fucking epiphany – They are old school Get-up Kids.

Hey, Nice job Turner! Why don’t you try reading The Reason’s label profile.

The band’s mix of punk and aggressive pop triggered comparisons to Grade and early Get Up Kids.

Fucking great.

Third – That reminds me, one of the worst things about 2005, was the end of the The Get-up Kids. These guys are one of the major reasons most of today’s bands are making it big now. Please, please do yourself a favor and discover their earlier tracks like One Year Later, Red Letter Day, Forgive and Forget and/or Ann Arbour. The Get up kids are the best thing to come out of Kansas since Kirk Heinrich.

Third- A couple of weeks ago I heard rumblings of another influx of Commuter papers into the Calgary market. But honestly, I had no idea how ridiculous the situation would be. Three Commuter Papers? THREE?

Metro & 24

Does anyone remember DOSE. Even I have to admit that Dose was fairly well written, interesting and always had some decent elements of design. But how long did that disaster last? Six months? At least you could always rely on some visually stimulating layout hidden within its trashy pages. But these new papers! My god, I half expect to discover a copy of the Watchtower inside the METRO. And don’t even get me started on 24. It looks like a horrible Condo catalogue.

This is as about as moronic as launching two urban stations in a single week. I’m not an environmentalist, but what a waste of trees.

Fifth – By the way for those wondering what Vimeo is, here you go. (I love it when he hits the snow bank!)

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