Vanity Fair Wednesday February 28, 2007

So after receiving an offhand comment about needing a more professional looking portfolio site, I ended up agreeing to do a photoshoot with Mr. Miller. The goal was to get a couple of light-hearted headshots to be used for my portfolio, corporate site and for any probable RCMP Manhunts. The shots turned out really well. Some good stuff to work with. Plus I know understand the shear size of my incisors. Check the shots out at Mr. Miller’s Mr.overdrive set.

And to clear something up, for all the smartasses, there were no nude shots… Okay, maybe one spicy nipple shot… But that’s it.

Back in the day, behind the mid-level bar of the Rose and Crown was a large mirror. After ordering your drink If you looked directly behind the bar you’d see a beautiful reflection of yourself. But if you looked further up into the reflection, you see a sign that read YOU’RE SO VAIN. I got busted by that every time.

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With looks so sharp, a name change may be in order.
May I humbly suggest “Max Powers”...

Jamie · Feb 28, 12:35 pm · #permalink


no tie?

Dark Manyluk · Feb 28, 06:27 pm · #permalink


re: your incisors – you are the envy of every teenage goth.

kristin · Feb 28, 09:10 pm · #permalink


Max Power doesn’t run with the Goths.

cto · Feb 28, 11:50 pm · #permalink

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