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Leaders of Tomorrow Monday February 26, 2007

So today/last night I planned to write an epic one-year post, but I was too lazy. Plus If that didn’t pan out I was hoping to write about the excitement of launching the corporation’s first website, but that’s still in the development stages. Then I was like, damn I should write about the Oscars and how mind numbingly unexciting they were. Or How disappointed I was the Ryan Gosling or Peter O’Toole didn’t win. But that topic is way overdone. Then I started to write about Curling and the excellent time we had. But a couple of Flickr photos covered that. Then I was going to be all gun-ho about writing some thing about how Half nelson is a such great movie. Or how amazingly interactive the Threadless website has become. Maybe I could write about how I finally fixed the problems with the site or wrote a new story for ctoverdrive. But as you can tell by the glaring errors, I didn’t get around to either of those tasks.
Then I stumbled across this beaut and it kind of exemplifies where my head’s at …

Procrastinators: leaders of tomorrow - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I’ll get to all that garbage … tomorrow.

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