Random Thoughts For The Ides of March Friday March 2, 2007

Anyone else have a feeling that the rest of March is going to be screwed up?

An Early Morning Snowfall in March

... Maybe it’s just me.

First – Inspired by the classic Big Lebowski, it’s the church of The Dude.

Second – Considering Prince Harry was the same twerp who wore a Nazi uniform to a costume ball, it seems his military service has really helped him mature over the past few years.

Third – A List of all the Daft Punk samples. I’ll have to admit that after reading this list, the luster and the genius of Daft Punk has been somewhat tarnished. On the same site there’s a list of all the Basement Jaxx samples. (via Kottke.org)

Fourth – here’s an interesting chat from the guys that run Threadless.com & Vimeo.com. I’d like to point out that everyone involved in this chat was born either in 1980, 1979 or 1981. How does that make you feel? (via Signals vs. Noise)

Fifth – The NHL Trade deadline came about this past Tuesday and for hockey enthusiasts, it’s like Christmas in February. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a GM during the weeks preceding the deadline. Me neither, but Brain Burke is here to give all the kiddies the dirt. Best line of the whole article:

I talk to Florida assistant GM Randy Sexton about Todd Bertuzzi, and he tells me “the guy we like is Perry.” I offer him profanity.

Sixth – It’s weird to say this, but I actually don’t miss getting blitzkrieged on Thursday nights anymore. You know, Friday mornings are far easier to live through. Plus I get a chance to watch the funniest show on normal T.V. – 30 Rock. Although others would argue otherwise, the glue that holds that show together isn’t Mr. Bladwin or Ms. Fey. It’s Tracey Morgan.

Why? Because he’s fucking nuts. Example A T.Morgon on Jimmy Kimmel What the hell is in his Coffee mug?

Update: It is key to watch the first part of the T.Morgan on Jimmey Kimmel to really appreciate it. So many lies! What the hell is in his coffee mug!

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“I’d like to point out that everyone involved in this chat was born either in 1980, 1979 or 1981. How does that make you feel?”

One word – old

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