Shake N' Bake Sunday February 25, 2007

Saturday, I took part in a full day Bonspiel. And as typical with most Bonspiels everyone who plays gets some sort of prize. Unfortunately I didn’t get the call up to accept my prize till the very end. What did I win? What does an undefeated Team Shake N’ Bake Skip recieve?

A large green Tinkerbell Mug! A great day, but man theres nothing better than winning matching Tinkerbell mugs.

Tinkerbell Prizes

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You could’ve taken the Pooh mug…

goates · Feb 25, 11:55 pm · #permalink


do you know how I know you are gay?

Tinkerbell mugs

Dark Manyluk · Feb 26, 01:53 pm · #permalink


And here i was thinking that it was the combination of the blue tights and the sultury eyes that made me gay.

cto · Feb 26, 03:54 pm · #permalink


Hacksaw would have needed a nipple ring to make him gay.

Dark Manyluk · Feb 26, 08:31 pm · #permalink

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