Blog-o-cussion Wednesday February 21, 2007

Yes, Blog-o-cussion is a completely fabricated term. A term I’m making up because of my undying distain for the word blog. Which I still believe sounds like a horrible euphemism for potty training, rather than a online publishing tool. But I still feel my protest will fall on deaf ears.

Anyways, kidding aside as mentioned previously last night I took part in a University of Calgary research discussion on Blogs. It was an interesting little event with a small group of bloggers and researchers, surrounded by cameras and microphones. It took me a while to overcome my own insecurities of my recorded voice, which for some reason I still relate to that of a prepubescent surfer kid. Every time I’m on camera, I always worry if anyone will take me seriously or if they think I’m just some burnout skid looking for his next fix of Mountain Dew. WoooW

Turner! Back on Topic! Anyways, the discussion covered all the aspects of blogging that you would expect. How do you blog? When do you blog? Has the daily act of blogging affect other aspects of your life? Do you put off things to blog? (See my point about the euphemism) But one question which came up was the discussion of how has blogging affected you personally.

I’ve talked about this to many people and I view blogs as nothing more than publishing tools. I don’t view it as an act or some personality trait or even a badge. It’s a tool, but oh what a tool it is. For me this blog was a tool to really try and do something different; something out of the ordinary and something to change things. I see blogs as tools for businesses to develop fluid content for customers. I see blogs as positive tools to help organizations or activists create communities. Or even for people to jumpstart their journalistic careers. In my view they’re powerful utilitarian publishing tools that allow anyone or any group a voice.

For me starting a blog was a way to kick start a personal paradigm shift. To push away from a life less ordinary and to get those creative juices flowing. If I could write and reach any sort of audience, what else could I do? Maybe I can do something different with my life. Fuck why not try a real career path. It wasn’t necessarily the act, but rather the tool of blogging that I find important. As someone mentioned in the round table, for them the Web 2.0 and blogging was the perfect storm. And by looking back at the archives – Web 2.0, SXSW’06 and this blog feel the same way for me. They were all tools and events that have catapulted me towards this week. This is probably why I start sounding like a hyper kid jacked on Mountain Dew whenever someone brings up that question.

Anyways, it was a wonderful discussion and I’m still flattered to be apart of it. I’ve kind of used this post as add on narrative to last nights discussion, so you’ll have to excuse the length of it. (Side note: They are still looking for some more people to take part. Email me if you want to join)


While I’m not the most religious of men, I do believe in fate and crossing life paths, especially under odd circumstances. So this comes as no surprise after last night, that tomorrow (Feb 22nd) is the one year-anniversary of the c.t.overdrive. And to top it off, a year to the day of cto and Armadillo Studios is on the verge of launching its first major corporate web site…

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holy website change ctoverdrive!!! I like it, good luck in the years to come. Its all about realityisms.

travis · Feb 22, 09:18 pm · #permalink


hey bro, thanks for the compliment. Looks like you got a little sneak peak at the new look ctoverdrive.

cto · Feb 22, 11:06 pm · #permalink

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