Random Thoughts For an Anniversary of Sorts Friday February 23, 2007

So an Anniversary of Sorts deserves a little change. As promised, I finally finished up a much deserved redesign of ctoverdrive. A sort of celebration of sorts, but with more street cred and more stars. Oh! . For those who started reading this when it started last February you may remember what the original ctoverdrive looked like, but just in case here’s a reminder.

Sort of like revisiting those old Jr. High Photos. You know the photos of yourself with the ridiculous wings flowing under your dirty hat or oversized football helmet. No, well you know what I’m getting at. Anyways, there a few bugs which still need to be ironed out. Some of you might notice a weird problem with the external links to the right or even the issues with the comments link. Those are stupid coding problems. Probably from some errant P tag, that will cause another four nervous breakdowns. If you notice some problems with the spelling and grammar on the site, that’s actually just my stupidity. I’ve added some new links, like The Randoms, which is a collection of all the random thoughts I’ve made on ctoverdrive. (And isn’t aligned right at the moment) I also promise that by week’s end The Story will change. I swear, it’ll be less pathetic and less vomit inducing.

Anyways, thanks for checking ctoverdrive out over the past year … Back to today’s random thoughts.

First – From the Flickr blog, Squirrels Taking Photos of squirrels.


Second – Another Photo link. Photojojo is a Ready Made for photo junkies. I’ve partaken in a couple camera tossing exercises, but the next one I want to try is the Running from the Camera.

Third – This was brought to my attention by JD’s site & CNN, but Craig Ferguson’s monologe from his show on Monday evening is stunning. If there is any link you look at this Friday, just check this out. Probably the most heartfelt, real and oddly humorous words on alcoholism and addiction.

Fourth – I don’t know what it is, but I think I’m getting a thing for sultry dark haired songstresses. First it was Feist, then Cat Power and now it’s Lily Allen’s new CD Alright, Still. Sort of like a female Streets. Such a great CD, even if the lyrics are some of the most male-piercing lyrics I have ever heard.

Yeah, let’s rewind, let’s turn back time to when you couldn’t get it up / You know what it shoulda ended there / That’s when I shoulda shown you the door. / As if that weren’t enough to deal with, / You became premature.

Great song, but fuck is that awkward.

FIfth – You know who I really felt sorry for last night. Martin Biron – goaltender of the Buffalo Sabres. Because during the whole chaos of the Sabres/Senators Brawl, he had to fight Ray Emery.

Now goalies rarley fight and they’re usually never asked to. But when you have to fight a guy who’s ideals include boxers Jack Johnson, Marvin Hager, and a young Mike Tyson. You know its gonna be a rough night. Emery was also once a pretty good boxer and lives for fighting. Can you imagine having to skate down to the other end of the ice for this. Poor bastard.

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The site looks amazing! You have mad skillz Connor.

Congrats on the one year!

Kari · Feb 23, 08:16 am · #permalink

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