British Humour Monday February 19, 2007

I grew up on a healthy dose of British Humor. If it wasn’t Fawlty Towers marathons or Monty Python flicks it was Old school Dudley Moore Radio tapes and Peter Seller movies. (Bridie Num, num!) Over the past couple of days I’ve stumbled across a slew of British Humor related links.

The first is the Russell Brand Radio 2 podcast. If you ignore the ridiculous hairdo and the over the top Willy Wonka look, this is one hilarious podcast. The podcast from Jan 22nd hooked me. Probably one of the funniest tad bits of comedy I’ve heard in ages. The next is a recommendation from George Stromobo (which is a completely separate post, because how did The Hour become such a solid show), the Nathan Barley show. And finally from a friend, a brilliant article written by one of the Stars of Shaun of the Dead about the difference between British and American humour.

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. Anyone else got any comedy bits?

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