The Docket Sunday February 18, 2007

We’re no longer called Sonic Death Monkey. We’re on the verge of becoming Kathleen Turner Overdrive, but just for tonight, we are Barry Jive and his Uptown Five.

This week is shaping up to be an interesting week for the old c.t.overdrive. First up on the docket, sometime this week is the one year anniversary of the old c.t.o. Yup, a year ago I freaked out, got dressed down by the old Doctor, drove to Montana and started a blog. To honor such a momentous occasion, (insert sarcasm here) I’ve been working on a brand new layout for ctoverdrive. Hopefully it will be done by the end of the week. It’s going to be a drastic change for the site and it should give the site all sorts of street cred.

Next up is a little corporation news. Armadillo studios will be launching its first commercial website this week. If things go well and I can figure out this ridiculous domain transferring issue, empower entertainment will have a shinny new website.

The final bit of blog/website related news happens on Tuesday. For some odd reason, I’ve been invited to partake in a little blog-o-discussion at the University. I guess a local professor is doing research into blogging and the social affect on their writers. A sort of how has blogging affected your life ordeal. Not sure how someone found this site, but I’m fairly flattered. And really what sort of influence has ctoverdrive had on my life? Should be an interesting evening.

Little odd that all these milestones are happening in the span of a couple days. I guess in the whole scheme of things, it’s funnier what kind of shit can happen in a year.

The good times are killing me / Got dirt, got air, got water and I know you can carry on. / The good times are killing me. / Enough hair of the dog to make myself an entire rug. / The good times are killing me. / Have one, have twenty more “one mores” and oh it does not relent. / The good times are killing me.

I don’t think I’ve said this enough, but I can’t wait for the new Modest Mouse CD.

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I love reading and sharing this page with friends and co-workers, keep it up…I hear something about becoming Irish….whats that about

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