Random Thoughts For Charles Kobasew III Friday February 16, 2007

Yes, I’m still in mourning.

Lost in all the hysteria of losing Andrew Ference last week, the Flames finally gave up on my boy Charles. My boy is finally gone! Charles Kobasew the III was finally sent on the crazy train to Boston. And what was Mr. Kobasew’s crime? Was it the fact he never realized his potential as a second line sniper? The fact he looked too much like Brad Pitt? or was it just general bad luck? Nope. It was all because I started cheering for him.

That’s right add Charles to the list. Chalk him up with Rick Wamsley, Gary Suter, Andrew Cassels, DT 18, Jukka Hentunen, Ville Nieminem, JS Giguere, Tim Hunter, Neil Sheehy, Zarley Zalapski and Jonas Hoglund. So for future reference, if you want to know who’s goanna get traded next, just ask me. Because I guarantee my favorite player will be gone in a month.

First – Kottke notices that the Weatherman in New York has finally given up. On Tuesday, as I froze my ass off in my apartment; I really thought this was funny. I still think it’s funny. I need to leave my apartment more.

Second – I’m not sure if CollegeHumour is one of those NSFW web sites, but this is funny! Like laugh out loud funny.

Third – Gmail has finally lifted the invitation only thing. So now everyone can drink the goomail kool-aid. Oh-yeah!

Fourth – Robert Downey Junior has a nerd-gasm about being cast as Iron Man. I’ve always had a soft spot for ol’Roberto since Chaplin, but I’m calling BS on this one. This is totally the scene in Entourage where Vince cons all the nerds that he’s been reading Aquaman since he was a child.

update: The Iron/Cast pun was completely unintentional.

Fifth – The incredibly sultry and amazingly stunning Fiest is releasing a new CD in May. Anyways, the first single has been leaked. (via stereogum)

Sixth – eboyXV is a graphic design firm which specializes in stunning pixel art murals. Anyways, they were commissioned to produce a very cool little commercial for a British IT school. It’s embedded below.

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Aww crap. Does this mean Taratukhin is gone soon too?

ryan · Feb 17, 02:49 pm · #permalink


Well my friend, i don’t see the Tuk in flmaes threads yet. But rumour is that he’s not a flame due to Visa issues with his wife and kids… likely excuse.

cto · Feb 18, 08:05 am · #permalink

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