Random Thoughts For Dave Chappelle's Philosphy Friday February 9, 2007

In my opinion one of the quintessential flicks from 2005 was Dave Chapelle’s Block Party.

The premise was simple, famed music video director Michel Gondry (or Michael Goondry as us westerners like to say) documented Dave Chappelle’s surprise public Bloc Party in Brooklyn. The whole concept was amazing. Some of the best artists in the world come together to throw a free concert for a marching band from Ohio and some other random friends of Dave Chappelle.

Anyways, I’ve been using Block Party as white noise as I work for the past couple of days and I can’t get enough of it. Not just for the amazing performances, but for watching Chappelle and the back-story for the whole flick. If you don’t know the story, the entire party was thrown in-between when Dave signed his albatross of a contract with the comedy network and subsequently went a-wall to Africa. That’s where the beauty of the movie lies, because in each close-up or commentary from Chappelle, you know he’s uneasy with his current celebrity. You can see that all he wants to do is give back to the people around him and give some kids a chance. He’s not interested in his new found glory and its prevalent in everything he does in the film. He just wants to walk away from everything and do something real; something meaningful. And that’s what makes it such a fucking great movie.

First – Adam Sanberg and Justin Timberlake performed dick in a box as an encore at Madison Square Gardens. (via stereogum)

Second – Here’s an interesting little article on how new social media may affect the next Presidential election. (via signals vs noise)

Being on the internet means something different in this election. Having a site isn’t enough any more. These candidates will need to microchunk their messages, and make them available broadly. They need to be reaching audiences not just through The New York Times and CNN, but via blogs and iPods as well. More than anything, they need to reach out to people and talk to them directly without all of the spin. ... In this election, they can’t simply hide behind well produced web sites and scripted media events. They really need to make themselves accessible

I like this idea and I hope it comes true. But I’m skeptical as this is along the same lines as the affect Michael Moore’s Farehnhiet 9/11 and the internet was suppose to have on the ’04 election or how the web was going to make Snakes on a Plane the biggest movie on the planet. Well, we know how both those turned out. That’s right All hat, no Cattle. All talk, no substance.

Third – I’m a Luigi, NUMBER #1. Mario vs. Vice City from Robot Chicken. Don’t ask me where I found this, but it’s another NSFW You Tube video.

Fourth – Don’t look now but the Toronto Raptors are actually on a run. Not only are they atop of the Atlantic Division, (arguably the weakest division in Basketball), but they’re building a solid team, based on Toronto’s greatest asset – diversity. No longer are they trying to pick-up American players that want nothing to do with the frigid north. Instead new GM Brian Colangelo has been picking European players from countries with strong communities in Toronto and it’s changing the entire view of the team. It also doesn’t hurt to have Chris Bosh.

Fifth – Another Basketball story. Oh My! Mark Cuban calls out Dwayne Wade! How the Penguin’s ownership walked away from Cuban so many years ago blows my mind.

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I am pretty sure you only put up the Mario Bros video b/c of the zombies attacking Yoshi.

You need to get some help with this zombie addiction of yours. It is time for an intervention.

mötorhead · Feb 9, 08:30 pm · #permalink


screw the intervention my friend. I think I’m going to need hours of therapy to cure my zombie fear.

Zombies, they really freak me out.

cto · Feb 12, 11:20 am · #permalink

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