Vernon Tuesday February 6, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I was walking through Bankers Hall and noticed Lanny McDonald standing in the middle of the foyer talking to someone. Since I rarely get to see celebrities in my daily routine, for a brief moment I contemplated shouting at ol’Lanny. Nothing crazy, I just thought it’d be funny to yell; HEY LANNY! YOU WERE GREAT IN 89, BUT VERNON WAS THE BOMB! I don’t know why. Because that would have been such a smart and witty comment to shout out. It just sounded like a funny Jay & Silent bob thing to do.

Needless to say I chickened out and just walked by the couple. As I did I had to wonder who would Lanny be chatting with in the middle of Bankers Hall? Turns out he was chatting up Mike Vernon. Two legends of the Flames, standing in the middle of Bankers Hall, while everyone went about on their daily business.

Anyways, tonight the Flames are raising Mikey Vernon’s #30 into the rafters of the Saddledome. I’ll admit I wasn’t a huge Vernon fan as a kid; I always liked Rick Wamsley and Timmy Hunter better, But that glove save against Vancouver in 89 is a thing of legends. I met Vernon once as a kid, when I went to visit Gary Suter in the flames dressing room. But I was too nervous to really say anything. Actually, now I think about it replace the word nervous with traumatized from seeing a bunch of half-naked Hockey players and you get the drift of why I don’t remember saying anything to him. Seriously, that was a pretty weird experience for a little 10 year old kid.

Back on topic. Although I’d still like to see Hakan Looooooob’s #12 in the rafters, (Who cares about that other #12 superstar, Looooob was the original shit!) it is going to be nice to see another jersey hanging beside Lanny’s.

Congrats Mikey V.

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