Cointoss Sunday February 4, 2007

First off, I find it hilarious that just three days after I finally offload my MacBook, a client gives me a stack of CD’s. About 7 cd’s of files loaded with wonderful images and important data for our project. Of course all the files just happened to be old school Mac files. That’s the sort of karma bullshit I have to deal with on a daily basis. Well Turner, that’s what you get for using your Mac as a bloody dresser!

Back on topic. Some sage like person once told me the best way to make a hard decision is to flip a coin. Okay it wasn’t a sage like person, I think it was someone’s sister. Anyways, the idea is to flip a coin and whatever your gut reaction to the result is, that’s what you should act on. For example, you’re sitting in line at Tubby Dog and you can’t decide between the Gripper or a basket of Yam Fries. Heads you eat a deep-fried hotdog wrapped in bacon and topped with a fried egg. Tails you get a basket of Spicy Yam fry goodness. If it turns up tails and you get all mad because you really wanted to flush out your colon for the afternoon, well then you know you should just buy the Gripper. And vice versa.

I’ve been flipping a coin every couple of days for the past couple of months. Tails I stay. Heads I go. Should I stay or should I go? Up until a couple of weeks ago both outcomes gave me that Oh! shit gut reaction. Recently though, there has been a solid positive gut reaction towards leaving. Nothing against Calgary or the amazing people here, it’s just that the window of opportunity to try something so drastically different is so small. I’m starting to realize that it might not come up again.

Anyways, last week I sent off my passport application to become a official citizen of the Republic of Erie. With that I’ve got 6-8 weeks of coin tossing to convince myself to stay.

Oh and by the way A friend of mine is selling a 2004 Canyonaro Colorado Truck. If anyone wants to purchase a truck email me and I’ll give you his contact info.

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