Quarantined Wednesday January 31, 2007

I rarely ever get sick. We’re not talking hangover sick. I’m talking cold flu sick or the I’ve got the sniffles sick. I never bother to get flu shots and over the past few years I’ve missed work due to illness may one or two days. Missing work because I’m mysteriously stuck in Denver, now that’s a different story.

Anyways, I got sandbagged by the flu on Sunday. Initially it was just masked as a misguided hangover from Saturday night. Shit, I just thought my body was withering in pain from leaving such a killing on the dance floor the night before. (OWW!) Turns out the pain in my joints was just phase one of the deadly Mutombo virus. Apparently phase two of this unknown plague that killed the monkey in outbreak includes crazy dreams, the shakes and sweating like a large gross Greek man. I know this is too much information, but I’ve never sweated through so many t-shirts in my entire life.


So now I’ve quarantined myself in my large empty apartment with nothing but chicken noodles soup, water, 31 unheard podcasts and the entire series of Aeon Flux Cartoons. How I’m going to get through all 31 podcasts is beyond my compression. I’m sure Grant Lawrence’s voice will cause me to fall into some sort of epileptic shock by the end of the week. But I am also growing one epic salt and pepper beard, which will give me all sorts of street cred with the skinny pant kids.


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