Random Thoughts For Jared Leto Thursday February 1, 2007

Because I’ve spent way too much time quarantined with the flu, this week’s Random thoughts is extra epic with a slight tinge of crazy.

Remember Jared Leto? That dude from that Claire Danes TV show or the lover from Alexander. Anyways, he’s now concentrating on his band 30 Seconds from Mars. They released a new album and MuchMusic has been playing the video for From Yesterday all the time. But its not just any video, there’s four different versions of this thing. The five minute, the seven minute, the nine minute and the fourteen minute version. How do I know this? Because I’ve been subjected to the first three versions on MuchMusic all week and it still doesn’t make any sense!

Remember in the late 90’s when rappers made 10 minute epic videos? Remember how uncool those videos were? Hey, Jared is that a red Ak-47 on your white tunic? Hey look
! Samurai’s on galloping Horseback. Oh neat-o, a creepy white guy in a Tux. Is it just me or did the director stop this video halfway through production and ask You know what this video needs? MORE EYELINER! Because honestly, it does need more eyeliner! Could someone please buy the drummer a decent sleeve! I need to know what would have happened if one of the Band members lost his sword fight? Hey! We all won; oh shit they killed the drummer! Oh who cares its just the drummer.

(P.s. none of those comments will make sense unless you’re able to watch the video. It’s also a kind of catchy song.)

First – Stephen Colbert is now trash talking the mayor of Oshawa, Ont.

Second – A good friend of mine is moving to Norway soon. In preparation for his big trip, I found a style collection of people in Helsinki, Finland. Buddy, I know the west coast of Norway is 1,500 kms away from Helsinki, but if you want to fit in look no further than Sami, Patrik, Jani, Johannes, and of course Teemu for some examples. I have a feeling that you and Patrik are going to be tight.

Seriously, this site is priceless. There’s some wicked style in them there pages.

Third – The Top 8 requested covers of 2006 from the coverville podcast. Please note that the Toxic Turner theme song makes an appearance on the list.

Fourth – I’ve already placed enough GooTube clips on this site for a couple of weeks, but here’s a bunch of kids reenacting the Ok Go video for their High School Talent show. (Care of Tony Pierce’s busblog)

Fifth – I love basketball highlights when they show a cocky-ass rookie point guard unmarked at the three point line with all the time in the world. He’s set up to absolutely drain a three, but instead deliveries a big fat stinky airball. It just reeks! The ball barely reaches the rim of the basket and the guy looks like a pompous ninny. In my opinion this is probably the academic equivalent. Way to go U of C. Way to miss the shot and have the entire stadium laugh at you.

Unrelated to this week’s Random Thought’s, I finally finished work on another project this week. Jamie’s Dictionary was finally launched yesterday. It’s a good friend of mine’s personal site and it’s got a cool little vibe to it.

Jamie's Dictionary

And another site goes in the Armadillo portfolio.

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