How J.R. changed Ireland & SXSW Opening Remarks Sunday March 19, 2006

So much for my self-imposed stint in blogging rehab…

Since I decided to live with peasant vision, my Sunday mornings have been dominated by CBC’s Sunday Report. It is a super interesting show, which has provocative segments on a variety of topics which always manage to derail any attempt to get shit done on Sundays.

This morning’s show had an interview with the Canadian Tire Guy who slammed all the vicious media attention he’s been getting. Better yet today’s show had a segment on Globe and Mail T.V. columnist John Doyle. The interview was to promote Doyle’s new book A Great Feast of Light: Growing Up Irish in the Television Age.

Apparently his book chronicles growing up in backward Ireland during the introduction of television to the country in the 60s. One comment I found really interesting was his theory that J.R. from the TV show Dallas ended up being more important to the development of Ireland than the Pope’s visit in the Early 80’s. Usually I’d argue such a ridiculous statement, but as a kid I remember sitting infront of the Telly in Ireland watching Dallas. I vividly remember the entire town tuning into watch.

What else, oh yeah podcasts from SXSW are starting to be posted on the net. There is one panel in particular which I highly recomend listening to and it is the opening remarks from Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners and Jason Fried of 37signals. If you’ve got time to listen, do it. It gets into the meat of the industry, especially when Jason Fried starts talking about keeping things simple. He starts explaining the advantages of starting small in the industry. The advantages of starting on the side; not quiting your day job, working for 5 hrs instead of 50 hrs, learning and failing in obscurity, not seeking out the venture capital and that less is a competitive advantage.

this talk really hit the nail on head for me. It has probably shaped where my career path for the better. He reinforced that learning and failing are the keys to getting into this industry. And you know what the, guy knows his stuff. 37signals is a phenomenal company which is starting to getting a lot of press from many upscale business magazines. It produces a wide variety of simple free products. Just check out their ridiculously simple checklist program Ta-da. It’s a web based program that anyone can get up and running in two minutes.

I’d highly recommend it as an everyday tool. It can be run on any computer. For example Here’s a list I just set-up for the redesign of ctoverdrive: ta-da list Since it is web-based application you are seeing exactly what I see when I log into edit the list. Sounds like a simple and stupid concept, but try and open up your outlook checklist on another computer?

Okay that is enough nerd blabble for today I’m off to get some stuff done.

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