DoTheRightThing Sunday January 28, 2007

Do The Right came across my feedreader via and I’ve been sort of intrigued by the whole idea for the past couple of days. The concept is to build a community site where users can post articles relating to a specific business and their corporate policies. Then the community votes on the relevance of the piece and if it has a positive or negative impact on the company’s reputation. This number gets added to the company’s reputation and eventually you can view if the company has a positive or negative reputation in the eyes of the community.

Seems pretty straight forward. You log on, you vote and then see if the community on a whole approves or disapproves of this business practice. But it’s still a touchy subject as this post gets into. Do companies have a duty to Do The Right Thing? (Nice Spike Lee reference by the way!) Or are they solely responsible to their shareholders? What about smear campaigns started by over eager enemies of some of the larger companies? The Wal-marts and/or the Starbucks? I think there’s a lot of interesting things that could happen with this site. I don’t want to take a side, but I do know that after seeing this article in regards to Go Daddy as a hosting service I am skeptical about suggesting their hosting service to clients. So I guess it does have some affect.

Sorry for the political tint of this post, I guess reliving 1996 and my misguided infatuation with everything RAGE and Adbusters has got me all fired up again. While there’s no RAGE videos to get all worked up about, maybe the new Rise Against video will work.

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