Craigslist Experiment Round 2 Monday January 29, 2007

Round one of the Craigslist Experiment was an outstanding success. In a couple of hours of posting a roommate wanted ad I got a pretty decent roommate and a bunch of naughty pictures from some weird girl in Ontario. (But seriously, who sends bar-star photos as introduction to be a roommate?) But now, I’m onto round two of the Craigslist Experiment.

For the past week and a half I have been attempting to sell my MacBook. Yes, the same MacBook I’ve been using as a second dresser for the past two months. Oh! the Sacrilege! Someone not using a MacBook to its full potential! I’m sure there are a few Mac Enthusiasts out there holding razor blades over thier wrists right now in some weird spiritual sacrifice to the temple of Steve Jobs. But to tell you the truth I’ve wanted to make the switch to the Mac, but the timing was completely off. In the grand scheme of things it’s a cost the company couldn’t afford.

Anyways, so far the selling experience on Craigslist has been dreadful. If it isn’t con-artists from Africa demanding I mail the entire computer to them for a $3000 Mail-order bride or people low-balling my ass, the whole process have been extremely frustrating. It’s not Criagslist’s fault, it’s the people who use it. Just because I use the words or best offer it doesn’t mean I want to barter my MacBook for a fucking Iron Fence. I live in a god damn apartment! What am I going to do with a God damn Iron Fence? Keep the mythical Unicorns I raise, penned up on my ranch? And how hard is it to believe someone would actually purchase a brand new computer and use it to hold their keys and wallet for two months? Is it that really that hard to believe? ... Okay, may people do have a point.

Anyways, so here’s my verdict on the whole Craigslist experiment. Great for finding roommates, work, Japanese estate sales or one night stands (like I would know!). Horrible for selling high priced computer items! Don’t bother!

Also here’s an acoustic cover of My Love by the Klaxons. It’s at the bottom of the post.

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