Random Thoughts For Roommate Phil Thursday January 25, 2007

Yes, this Friday’s Random Thoughts are dedicated to Roommate Phil.

And why you ask? Well because tomorrow Roommate Phil leaves for Toronto and a new lease on life. Yes, it’s been a rather weird four months together. I have to apologize to the kid, as I’m usually a rather laid back person to live with. Unfortunately for the past four months I’ve been worked up like a top – especially since starting the corporation. Poor Phil’s got some bad timing, he probably hit me at the most selfish and self-absorbed four months of my life.

Still there were some pretty funny moments, I’m just really happy for the kid as he’s onto bigger & better things. As I mentioned previously, I always take something away from each of my roomates. Roommate Phil is no exception. So this post is dedicated to him. Sorry for being such a hard ass buddy. Best of luck kid!

First – He got me hooked on LUSH products. If you’re brave enough to endure the endless stream of Soccer Mum’s and the overly lethargic/zombified sales staff, they have some amazing products. The RAZORANTIUM shaving cream is probably the single best shaving cream for 4-6 day stubble or bearded ladies.

Second – Because of Phil, I also learned that you can make some amazing deserts with half a Mango and canister of Coconut Tofu. Also the Gluttony Smoothie/Bubble tea at the Spice Cafes around town is one of the best drinks in the city.

Third – By the way Rage Against the Machine is reuniting for one night only at the Cochahalla Fest. In honor of such a momentous occasion, I will be repining my collection of old RAGE posters on the walls of my apartment. I will also be growing my hair till I have enormous fuckin wings again, just like in ’96. I will also be eating lots of chocolate until I have bad ACNE again.

1996 Ruled!

Man, I do not miss 1996.

In addition, if you look really closely on the poster for Friday’s Show, you’ll see my new favorite band of the week Tokyo Police Club. They’ve got a more tolerable Strokes kind of vibe. But the real reason I love them is because they remind me of poor, poor Kenny Kantaro. That poor Japanese exchange student, oh how we corrupted him.

Fourth – I watched Artschool Confidential yesterday and I can’t recommend the first 50 minutes enough. It’s a dead on depiction of art school. Like DEAD on. Until it gets to the whole murder thing and then it gets ridiculous. If your gonna pin a artschool stereotype on me, Hands down it was Bardo.

Fifth – New York City may release Condoms with Subway maps on them. What’s next WhiteHorn Condoms?

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You see, this is why I have systematically destroyed all pictures of myself from 1991 to 2001. No one should ever have to see those.

I remember that coat. Now if only you still had that Senator’s cap…

Ryan · Jan 26, 07:40 am · #permalink


Oh come on you have to embrace the late ninties. It was the best of times.

Come on that Scummy Senators hat, my wiry glasses, the dual t-shirts, the Red MEC Jacket, and the WINGS! Oh man the WINGS! It’s no wonder I didn’t see my first pair of boobies until 2004.

cto · Jan 26, 11:04 am · #permalink

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