FeedReader Mayham Monday January 22, 2007

I’ve been struggling all day with corporation logistics and recouperating from the weekend. I’ve got Black Hawk Down on repeat so I’m not tempted to waste hours watching Ellen or theScore. Therefore the apartment sounds likes Mogadishu war zone. Every twenty minutes somebody screams RPG and the apartment seems to be filled with a large explosion. My neighbors probably think I’m insane. Scratch that I am insane!

But one thing that has been really distracting me all day has been my laptop’s FeedReader. If you’re not familiar with RSS (the funny little orange satellite thingy to the right) and FeedReaders, they are essentially programs that will send you a note whenever a website is updated or a new article is posted on a blog. For some reason the traffic has been really distracting. It makes it even worse that I’m one of those guys that has to read and answer email as soon as possible. There can’t be new mail in my inbox. It drives me nuts. So whenever the stupid little new post window appears my attention disappears and I have to read the new article.


If it isn’t the 90’s workflow Chart via Zack Klein’s blog, there’s Veer’s take on the Good, the bad and the Queen Damon Albarn’s wonderful new side project. Or there is the Blog Business Summit’s article on The growing power of the Chinese Blog-o-sphere. [I still can’t stand that word. It really does sound like a bad Kevin Baldwin movie.] Of course there’s Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban and his post on Why Suits are pointless, which has merits but personal I think looks and style do have a place in business regardless of the status quo. Or there is the news that K-OS will be appearing on Letterman in a few weeks or even why Blogging is an important tool for small businesses. Of course this is all extremely important information that I need to read now! NOW! NOW! NOW!

I guess it could be worse; I could have been shot in the hand a couple of times. Anyways, ct’s productivity 0 – FeedReader 4. At least it’s Monday.

Hey don’t even think about it… I’m better off on my own. Hey it’s the start of a whole new week – It’s Monday. Sfc. Norm ‘Hoot’ Hooten

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