Baldwin Sunday January 21, 2007

So I passed by this on my way to work on Friday and it got me thinking…

Oh Shit it's The Baldwins.

Alec Baldwin or Bill Murray ? The eternal question. Who would you?

Outside Providence’s Old Man Dunphy or Dr. Veekman?
Leonardo Leonardo or Garfield?
Jack Donaghy or Bosley?
The Royal Tenabaums Narrator or Steve Zissou?
Waterkeeper Alliance Memeber or The College Party Crasher ?
Adam from BeetleJuice or Carl Spackler?

Myself. After the past couple of years, I’m going with Mr. Alec Baldwin. I used to be a big Murray fan, but Alec Baldwin has been on fire recently. You cannot deny it.

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I vote for Kevin Baldwin, the little known brother –

hobo4hire · Jan 21, 02:14 pm · #permalink


Old Man Dunphy
Leonardo Leonardo
Steve Zissou
College Party Crasher
Carl Spackler

Bill has it 4-2, But if you would have included Jack Ryan vs, Phil Connors
Stanley Kowalski vs Ernie McCracken We might have a tie, even though Ernie McCracken was the bomb in King Pin

Dark Manyluk · Jan 22, 08:52 am · #permalink


Ooo, didn’t even think of the Jack Ryan Saga.

But you have to admit fighting a bear and Anthony Hopkins in the Edge was pretty cool. Did he actually fight a bear? I only saw the movie once in a bar. The sound was off but I think I got the gist of it.

cto · Jan 22, 11:08 am · #permalink

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