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Random Thoughts For The Scene of a Crime Friday January 19, 2007

It totally feels like I’m returning to a scene of a crime.

See this weekend I’m heading off to Panorama for some boarding. I’ve been there before since the Pano Trip in 2004, but that was a couples thing. There was far more snuggling and far less mayhem.

Anyways, here’s the back story. That year I had become the defacto president of a certain club. I’d spent the year busting my ass under all sorts of pressure. Running the thing on my own, while holding up a full time course load and putting in 25 hours a week at work. By the time the Pano trip had come around I had burned out. I had pretty much handed off the reigns to Mr. Bailey, Mr. McNish and the D.A. The thing was fairly straight forward and all the logistics were taken care of weeks in advanced. It was an organizational cake walk. So I decide to let the clutch out a bit. You know end my presidency with a bang.

Pano at 7:00am

Needless to say, it was the most insane 72 hour I have ever been apart of. And for the entire weekend Mr. McNish became Dr. Gonzo to my Raoul Duke. To this day I probably only recall a small percentage of the weekend. What I don’t recall has been retold to me through surreal anecdotes. Many people say it was the funniest trip they’d be on. I’d like to believe it, but I honestly don’t recall much of it. The legacy I left was the legend of Toxic Turner and my liver’s scar tissue. Apparently other execs have tried to out do that chaos, but no one has topped that trip. I’m not sure whether to be proud or be ashamed. I’m leaning towards the later. But as I prepare for the weekend I have to shake my head at the memories from that trip: (And for those that were on it feel free to fresh my shattered memory)

  • Calling the check-in lady a jigga who?
  • The Funk Phenomena.
  • Getting hit in the head with a bag of Frozen Peas.
  • Getting hit in the head with a 26 of Cinnamon Fresh Breeze.
  • Having my wristbands board a plane to Brighton, England.
  • Getting hit in the head with an Avalanche Warning Sign.
  • Getting dragged around by the chair lift… twice … on one run.
  • Marcus “Lets Go To the Summit” The Foreign Exchange Student.
  • Having the Lifty question our choice in Suit Jackets.
  • Having the Lifty question our level of intoxication.
  • Having the Lifites give us Beer.
  • Shredding the Condo stairs in Baggage carts.
  • Riding our Rental Boards down the Parking Lot.
  • Not Checking out of our Condos and just driving away.
  • The Four Day Hangover.

So here’s to returning to the scene of a crime and to a much quieter weekend…

Looking Professional

First – Jason at Design Fruit has released another set of stunning Foliage Photoshop Brushes. This time he’s built a collection of excellent Japanese themed brushes. It’s criminal that he releases these for free and I can’t but help to donate to the guy. These are a designer’s savior, download them, use them and give him some pay pal love.

Second – The 2007 Brit Award Nomiations have been released. I see that Jarvis Cocker is there. Who does he take a run at this year?

Third – I have a very heterosexual, but uncanny hard on for Cabbie on the Street. I don’t know what it is, but ever time I turn on the score Cabbie’s on and It always… ALWAYS... Makes me laugh. Check out the Best of 2006 clip and his run in’s with Jarome’s personal space.

Fourth – Okay, I’ll admit I thought the Ricky Bobby Calendar I bought for the office was priceless, but this could be the greatest idea of all time.

Fifth – The Doomsday clock has been pushed forward another few minutes. While I like the idea and it’s wonderful to know how close we are to global disater, you have to admit these guys are a really fickle group to impress.

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Memory from the Panorama trip? You, drunk, licking the side of my face on multiple occasions like a dog who had just discovered a secret pocket of peanut butter.

My ear was violated…

Kari · Jan 19, 08:37 am · #permalink


sounds strangely familiar…

Memory from the drum and monkey? Connor, drunk, lickingthe side of my face on multiple occasions like a dog who had just discovered a secret pocket of peanut butter.

My beard was violated…

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt though, there really could have been peanut butter in there… that beard was scary.

doug · Jan 19, 01:38 pm · #permalink


That beard was hot.

hobo4hire · Jan 19, 09:13 pm · #permalink


this is your attorney….i wish i could say memories memories these are the thougths i can grow old with, unfortunatley this is not the case. I remember nothing. like you, it is re told through stories and pictures that need to be burned. Dont forget to stash your roomie in the bathroom temporarily, mucked freestyling and stealing campbells flags, the expresion “whoa im too crunk for this run” and the martini bars. sorry about the sign, i feel bad should of hit you in the body. But at least everybody else had a good time

aka mr mcnish

travis · Jan 21, 08:25 pm · #permalink

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